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Kamis, 21 April 2016

Home Theater Projectors Epson CR-X01

Nama Produk : Projector
Merk Produk : Epson
Kode : CR-X01
Type : Home Theater
Zoom : 8 x
Harga : Rp.60.000

Deskripsi Home Theater Projectors Epson CR-X01

Throughout the years, I have become truly joined to my home theater framework. I should say, of all the rooms in the house, my own little motion picture theater is the one I couldn't live without. I am totally enamored with my home theater framework and, in the event that you are anything like me, I am certain you will love yours as well. I found, when I was at first building my framework, that there was such a great amount of data to assimilate. Each item out there appeared to be superior to the following, and I got myself uncertain about which to purchase. Here are a couple of things to remember when looking for another home theater projector.

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There are two principle sorts of projectors available; DLP and LCD. DLP remains for computerized light handling. It was designed by Texas Instruments, and uses a tiny exhibit of more than 2 million mirrors. DLP has a higher difference than LCD, however there are some unfavorable customer reports that note something many refer to as the "rainbow impact". The "rainbow impact" is detectable when looking from one side of the screen to the next, and is portrayed by a sudden burst of shading.

LCD remains for fluid gem show. These projectors have three unmistakable glass LCD boards inside; one for every part of the video signal (red, green, and blue). While DLP chips reflect light, the LCD boards permit light to go through them. LCD projectors produce brighter pictures, and they are known for having phenomenal shading immersion. At last, you will be unable to see an extraordinary contrast between the two sorts of projection frameworks.

At the point when looking for another projector, keep your specific needs in the cutting edge of your contemplations. As I specified above, it is truly simple to lose yourself in the details of every specific framework. Availability is a certainly something to be aware of. Ensure that you can interface the majority of your parts, including your gaming framework. Nothing beats playing Halo, in actuality, size! Contract proportion is another essential element; the higher the proportion, the better the photo will be.

The brilliance of your projector is something else to consider. Light yield is measured in ANSI (American National Standards Institute) lumens. You will need to dodge a projector that produces anything short of 1000 lumens. As you are likely mindful, the projection determination is critical. This alludes to the quantity of pixels that can be shown on the screen. Go for something that is no under 1024x768, as this will permit you to completely value the profundity and nature of HDTV. At last, you ought to purchase the projector that is in accordance with your requirements and your financial plan. Soprano's is going ahead right at this point! Time to go!

Sony Voice Recorder HS02-B

Nama Produk : Voice Recorder
Merk Produk : Sony
Kode : HS02-B
Kapasitas : 36 Hours
Disk : 100 Gb
Harga : Rp.3.600.000

Deskripsi Sony Voice Recorder HS02-B

Is it accurate to say that you are a bustling proficient with such a great amount of going ahead in your working day that you regularly overlook vital dates, times or data on the off chance that you don't record everything? All things considered, discard your pencil and paper and begin keeping that critical data by utilizing advanced voice recorders. These new advanced voice recorders are superbly smaller, and tape free, as well as they are equipped for recording for an exceptionally long time.

For instance, one of these incredible advanced voice recorders is equipped for recording for a whole day and a half, which is an unbeatable, sixty-four hours of recording time. Unimaginably, these brilliant minimal computerized voice recorders are just four inches by one inch by one half crawl, so it effectively fits in your tote, pocket or one of those modest compartments in your auto.

An incredible aspect concerning these specific computerized voice recorders is that you can set it in voice initiation mode and despite the fact that it is on, it won't record until it really distinguishes sound action. Be that as it may, all the more imperatively, in light of the fact that these computerized voice recorders are advanced, they start recording after stand out tenth of a second once solid is distinguished. Also, with its extraordinary 8kps voice examining rate, these computerized voice recorders are profoundly alluring to private agents. They record and play back with shocking clarity and precision.

These computerized voice recorders can be worked on two "AAA" batteries, yet they additionally accompany and outer DC power supply. They additionally come complete with USB link and programming for downloading into your PC, variable playback speed, content to discourse change highlights, quick forward and rewind control and a great deal more.

Fujifilm FinePix S5600 Original

Nama Produk : Fujifilm
Type : Finepix
No. Seri : S5600
Water Resist : Yes
Zoom : 48 x
Harga : Rp.9.000.000

Deskripsi Fujifilm FinePix S5600

Two years back I acquired my first advanced camera. Around then, costs for a 3.0 and higher super pixel camera were around $350. From that point forward, as with every single electronic device, costs have dropped essentially while the uber pixels have gone up. I picked the Fujifilm's A303 computerized camera, which has fared well for me, so allow me the chance to let you know why.

I urgently required a computerized camera when my web business took off. On a wide range of events I wound up needing to take a photo of a man, place or thing and relying on a 35mm camera. Inconvenience was I wasn't great at taking pictures. Normally my subject turned out hazy or the photo required trimming. Yes, getting pictures created on circle would have determined the latter issue, however it was the former issue - foggy pictures - that was bringing on me the most misery. On the off chance that no one but I could see "on the spot" how my photo turned out. In the event that it turned out ineffectively, I could reshoot. Actually, an advanced camera introduced to me something that no 35mm camera could offer; I made the buy of a 3.2 uber pixel camera by Fujifilm after extensive looking and perusing item audits on the web. 

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Pressed inside an extreme dark shell, the Finepix S5600 is lightweight and can fit effectively into your gasp pockets. The camera's controls are easy to make sense of and incorporate a Menu/OK catch, Back catch, viewfinder, viewfinder light, a showcase buttion and LCD screen to preview pictures without looking through the viewfinder or to review pictures officially taken. A round dial in the back of the camera highlights a self clock mode where you can set the camera and after ten seconds have the photo go off. Awesome for when you need to get the whole family's photo and nobody is around to take it. There are additionally close up modes, still picture, playback and motion picture modes. The motion picture mode results in a genuinely uneven and short film, however it is a flawless element to have by and by.

The standard camera comes furnished with a 16mb picture card. A great many people will find that deficient, so I paid a tiny bit additional and purchased the 64mb redesign. I likewise bought rechargeable AA batteries - it takes two - and a recharger. You will sap your batteries rapidly on the off chance that you take 30-40 or more pictures at once, so the recharger bodes well. I obtained the going with Fujifilm conveying case to house my different supplies.

Pictures turn out clear and in two years of picture taking I have not encountered a solitary issue with the camera. At 3.2 uber pixels the photos are more than satisfactory as for all intents and purposes all that I do gets presented on the web. As far as anyone knows you needn't bother with more uber pixels when posting/seeing pictures on the web. With the included USB link and HP programming, you will be transferring pictures to the web in the blink of an eye.

In the event that there are any downsides with the Finepix S5600 there is only one and it is a glaring issue: the time between shots can appear to be interminable! I assume the slipped by time is just around ten seconds, however it appears like an unfathomable length of time particularly contrasted with 35mm cameras. Innovative upgrades have shut the hole impressively with more up to date models, however in the event that you require this camera to take a gathering of shots rapidly you will be frustrated.

All things considered, the S5600 is a decent camera. I give it a 4-star rating for convenience, cost, and reliability.

New Ipod Premium HC-X16

Nama Produk : IPod
Kode Produk : HC-X16
Stock : Ready
Gender : Unisex
Disk : 500 Gb
Harga : Rp.600.000

Deskripsi New Ipod Premium HC-X16

What is an iPod? Who are you, my mom? All things considered, it's a sufficiently sensible inquiry. Odds are that you are likely mindful that it's an iPod is a little contraption that your grandson needs for his birthday and that its costs a great deal of cash and what amiss with this transistor radio at any rate? What's off-base? Everything.

You need to know what is an iPod? It's an item made by Apple. Contingent upon which rendition you have its potential outcomes for usefulness are appearing to approach boundless. Lets accept that you're going to get the new fifth era for the grandkid, in light of the fact that in the event that he resembles most children these days, he's likely inconsiderate, ill bred and thankless… unless he gets precisely what he needs; which is a fifth era iPod.

When he opens it up and begins it up he'll be taking a gander at the likelihood of hiding away to 15,000 tunes, and strangely he will as well. He'll have the capacity to load his iPod up with 25,000 completely clear shading photographs. His new closest companion has the ability to save to 150 hours recordings or films that all have the same quality as the photographs. Furthermore, he can meander the mean roads of your peaceful town for 20 hours before this thing comes up short on batteries.

So beside everything that ought to have enticed you to purchase the child one long prior, fabulous quality, awesome limit, podcast potential outcomes, and so forth; you have each reason on the planet to push aside your worries. The new iPods are littler, lighter, and have a larger number of choices than one could sensibly need. The new fifth era iPod does as such numerous things that you won't be asking what is an iPod, however what isn't an iPod.

New Nikon Kodak DCS460

Nama Produk : Camera
Kode Produk : DCS460
Stock : Ready
Merk : Nikon
Type : Kodak
Harga : Rp.60.000

Deskripsi New Nikon Kodak DCS460

Offers of computerized cameras appear to be blasting. This is not astonishing as the nature of pictures from computerized cameras enhances and they turn out to be more reasonable. What's more, purchasers are turning out to be more alright with computerized photography.

There are such a variety of various sorts of computerized cameras accessible picking one which is best for your necessities can turn into an exceptionally confounding choice. There are a few things to consider while picking an advanced camera.

Sorts of Digital Camera.

There are fundamentally three sorts of cameras whether you mind shooting film or advanced. Simple to use cameras, Prosumer cameras and expert quality cameras.

1. Simple to use cameras are completely programmed. They do everything for you. The camera picking the right presentation and whether a glimmer is required. The picture taker just needs to simple to use.

2. Prosumer Cameras. These cameras are a stage up from simple to use cameras and permit the client to either shoot in completely programmed mode or to have some control over the introduction by utilizing particular presentation modes. For instance, there may be a picture mode, an activity mode, and a nearby up mode.

3. Proficient Cameras. These cameras permit the picture taker to really look through the viewpoint. This implies what you see is the thing that you get. These cameras additionally give complete control over the introduction. They have completely programmed mode, particular presentation modes and in addition a completely manual mode.


Despite what sort of camera you choose to get you will likewise need to settle on the choice about the determination of the camera.

On the off chance that you have shopped at one of those hardware superstores you will be persuade that the most vital thing to consider when obtaining computerized cameras is the quantity of pixels. In spite of the fact that it is critical there is considerably more to settling on a computerized camera than pixels. Pixels are modest squares, and in new models different shapes, that make up the picture. Clearly the more pixels the more honed the picture. The more pixels there are the more definite the picture.

All of the advanced cameras available today deliver pictures with no less than 4 million pixels. With this determination you can print pictures up to 8x10 which will look great. Since the vast majority don't print pictures bigger than this a camera with 4 million pixels or more ought to address the greater part of your issues.

Attempt Different Cameras Before you Buy

Distinctive cameras can have altogether different picture qualities despite the fact that they may have the same number of pixels. This is because of various sorts and sizes of sensors on which the pictures are recorded and the different characteristics of lens utilized. It is prescribed that you buy a memory card and bring it in with you to the camera store. At that point you can experiment with different cameras by taking photos on your memory card. You can then take the photos home and view them on your PC or even better have them printed at a nearby lab to think about the outcomes. Make a point to take notes so you recall which picture was tackled which camera.

Advanced cameras are always showing signs of change and being enhanced. Like clockwork it appears there is another model out with more pixels and better components at a more moderate cost. Try not to let this trouble you. Take an ideal opportunity to pick a decent computerized camera which makes quality photos and appreciate the advantages of advanced photography for a considerable length of time to come.

Also, one final recommendation. Computerized photography has made another issue. Individuals are not printing their photographs any longer. They download them to their PC and afterward they in the end get lost or erased. Print those uncommon photos. Your kids will bless your heart.

Handycam Canon AD-01C Original

Nama Produk : Handycam Canon
Kode Produk : AD-01C
Stock : Ready
Made in : Japan
Zoom : 12 x
Harga : Rp.1.900.000

Deskripsi Handycam Canon AD-01C Original

With your trusty computerized camcorder close by you can catch each one of those unique minutes, for example, your kid's initial steps, your birthday or wedding, or your get-away with family and companions and so forth.

With such a variety of producers and models accessible in the computerized video market, you may think that its confounding attempting to pick the ideal one for you. Your decision will, in any case, rely on upon the components that you need and the amount you will spend.

The most critical thing to consider is the configuration in which your recordings will be put away, as the video design decides the video quality. Computerized 8 generally called D8, Mini-DV, DVD and HDD are the principle sorts of video arrangement that advanced cameras offer. Both D8 and Mini-DV are tape-based configurations, with the Mini-DV at present offering the most noteworthy quality video arrangement to purchasers. The DVD design permits direct video recording onto an advanced plate, while the HDD sort utilizes inward hard drives where the video is recorded. As the tape configuration is gradually being eliminated by significant producers, it is a smart thought to put resources into circle or hard drive based advanced camcorders.

Computerized camcorders likewise accompany charged coupled gadget or CCD imaging sensor. Advanced camcorders accompany 1-CCD or 3-CCD highlights. Cameras with 1-CCD experience the ill effects of poor video quality, though 3-CCD cameras deliver much better quality recordings. Most expert camcorders utilize the 3-CCD innovation, hence making them more costly than alternate models.

The optical zoom highlight of the camcorder lens by and large ranges from 10X to 20X. The decision of zoom relies on upon how close you need to get to the activity. Some computerized camcorders additionally permit still photography at different resolutions, and a few camcorders offer both video and still photography highlights. Some computerized video camcorders have in-assembled streak for low-light photography, while some camcorders accompany a 'Night Shot' component. Other famous alternatives incorporate outside electric lamps, outer amplifiers and outer stockpiling gadgets that can be appended onto the camcorder.

Camcorders with longer battery quality is likewise suggested. Advanced camcorders have battery life running from 4 to 8 hours of constant shooting. In any case, utilizing the zoom or any outer gadgets decrease the battery quality.

All cameras these days come packaged with an advanced video altering programming. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you are not fulfilled by the one gave, you can simply purchase a superior and more costly altering programming from Adobe or some other respectable brand.

Camcorder costs today shift from $500 to $4000, with Sony, JVC and Canon being the more well known brands.

Sony Cybershot Premium SS-03

Nama Produk :
Camera Digital
Kode Produk : SS-03
Stock : Ready
Merk : Sony
Zoom : 48 x
Harga : Rp.5.000.000

Sony Cybershot Premium Detail

Cybershot is an advanced brand of Sony that offers computerized still camera experience to all. Sony being the world's second biggest maker of computerized cameras now utilizes the famous brand of Cyber-shot to market its item. It gives a photograph quality unparallel to any photographs offered by different cameras. The popularity and name of Cybershot relies on upon utilization of new innovation found by Sony, to enhance picture quality.

Sorts incorporated into Cybershot brands

It is uncommonly useful for individuals who are intrigued to take computerized photos rather than white and dark photographs. This brand offers another advanced Sony camera that has the world's littlest 7-uber pixel computerized camera. This is one of the best advanced cameras that guarantee novel picture, clear pictures and high-determination sharpness.

Cybershot [Sony camera brands] can be ordered into a few gatherings:

- Camcorders – for the most part utilized by the beginners. It incorporates a mix of camera and VCR to make a numerous generation unit. Extending from amplifier to recording sound, they include a little LCD that offers you to watch video amid shooting and playback.

- Professional camcorders – these are generally utilized as a part of film creation and TV. They have various picture sensors that are utilized to build determination and shading extent.

- Web cams – they are computerized cameras that are connected to the PCs and are utilized for video conferencing and different purposes. They catch full-movement video furthermore incorporate receivers or zoom capacities.

Advantages of Cybershot [Sony camera brand]

When you need a Cybershot [Sony camera brand], you can visit eBay to make online buys. The further you scan for a brand, the more scope of items you will understand that will help you to buy the best brand.

Taking after are the worthwhile components of Cybershot [Sony camera brand]:

- 1/1.8" 7.2 Mega pixel Super HAD [Hole Accumulation Diode] CCD - they give brilliant picture quality by permitting light to channel through every pixel, in this way expanding affectability and diminishing commotion adequately.

- 3X Optical/2X Digital/6X Total Zoom – it helps you to fill the casing with subjects for better pictures. They even carry the subject nearer with an additional 2X amplification.

- Selectable Focus mode – checking AF [Auto Focus] offers you to suspect the activity by concentrating even before squeezing the shade discharge.

- Pre-Flash Metering – with a transient pre-streak, the camera lights up the subject and sets presentation through the perspective for exact blaze metering.

- Scene Selective Mode – with 9 scene modes accessible, the parameters can touch the shooting conditions like delicate snap, dusk picture, snow, flame, shoreline, fast shade, scene and Fireworks.

- Memory stick Media - computerized, effective, conservative and rough with an assortment of equipment and programming applications

- Multi-burst mode – catches 16 320X240 edges as a feature of a solitary 1280X960 picture that plays back successively in the camera.

- Rechargeable Info Lithium Battery – gives a dependable and changeless force for ceaseless shooting capacity. The charger gives stable energy to USB exchange.

Use Cybershot and appreciate taking computerized picture immaculate pictures.

Rabu, 20 April 2016

Canon Underwater Cameras D-500BB

Nama Produk : Camera Canon
Kode Produk : D-500BB
Stock : Ready
Gender : Unisex
Camera : 30Pixel
Harga : Rp.6.000.000

Deskripsi Produk Anda

Basically to capture the astounding recollections that you encounter, you will get partial to utilizing Canon submerged cameras rapidly.

Submerged cameras have the greater part of the same components as the convenient cameras that we utilized outside - the main distinction is that they have certain capacities that are more imaginative in light of the fact that they are water safe and can be utilized to catch pictures under the ocean.

Obviously, these submerged cameras are not just solely to take pictures under the ocean since some of them are likewise intended to be utilized as a part of open air exercises. In overwhelming precipitation these cameras won't be influenced due to the defensive gadget to make preparations for water and weight harm. They arrive in various structures, with their costs relecting the whole scope of ordinary camera estimating.

The least expensive kind of submerged camera for occasion is the straightforward dispensable submerged camera. These cameras can take around twenty to thirty pictures. These cameras are sufficiently waterproof to be used when there is unforgiving rain and snow storms. These are best use for the sake of entertainment scuba excursions and family travels; it will absolutely catch the important parts of the family fun.

One of the best known brands of submerged cameras is the Canon. It has been demonstrated effective in all types of submerged experiences. Ordinance submerged cameras have a great deal of plans that offer diverse elements. Each of the cameras gives favorable circumstances and uncommon elements that you will truly appreciate. Notwithstanding, as you would anticipate from a quality brand like Canon, these cameras may show up somewhat costly on account of the contraptions utilized on it; in any case they are of best quality and you will have no second thoughts once you see the determination of your photos.

Numerous routine advanced and film cameras have waterproof lodgings. Putting your camera inside will permit you to "change" you're existing camera into a submerged camera. Be that as it may, in the event that you need phenomenal photographic quality from under the water, we would dependably exhort obtaining a committed submerged camera.

Group submerged cameras came in different models. The higher the photograph determination that it has, for the most part the more costly the cost is. A significant number of the underworld picture takers that I know want to utilize Canon submerged cameras since they offers a "stand-out quality". The Canon Company is one of the spearheading organizations that propelled submerged cameras in the business sector and you know you will be getting quality when you purchase Canon.
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