Kamis, 21 April 2016

Sony Voice Recorder HS02-B

Nama Produk : Voice Recorder
Merk Produk : Sony
Kode : HS02-B
Kapasitas : 36 Hours
Disk : 100 Gb
Harga : Rp.3.600.000

Deskripsi Sony Voice Recorder HS02-B

Is it accurate to say that you are a bustling proficient with such a great amount of going ahead in your working day that you regularly overlook vital dates, times or data on the off chance that you don't record everything? All things considered, discard your pencil and paper and begin keeping that critical data by utilizing advanced voice recorders. These new advanced voice recorders are superbly smaller, and tape free, as well as they are equipped for recording for an exceptionally long time.

For instance, one of these incredible advanced voice recorders is equipped for recording for a whole day and a half, which is an unbeatable, sixty-four hours of recording time. Unimaginably, these brilliant minimal computerized voice recorders are just four inches by one inch by one half crawl, so it effectively fits in your tote, pocket or one of those modest compartments in your auto.

An incredible aspect concerning these specific computerized voice recorders is that you can set it in voice initiation mode and despite the fact that it is on, it won't record until it really distinguishes sound action. Be that as it may, all the more imperatively, in light of the fact that these computerized voice recorders are advanced, they start recording after stand out tenth of a second once solid is distinguished. Also, with its extraordinary 8kps voice examining rate, these computerized voice recorders are profoundly alluring to private agents. They record and play back with shocking clarity and precision.

These computerized voice recorders can be worked on two "AAA" batteries, yet they additionally accompany and outer DC power supply. They additionally come complete with USB link and programming for downloading into your PC, variable playback speed, content to discourse change highlights, quick forward and rewind control and a great deal more.

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